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The HPHS Giant Pep Band provides spirit and entertainment at many home basketball games. The season lasts roughly from early December through February. 



The Giant Pep Band is a trademark of Highland Park’s tradition of spirit and pride. To continue fostering the enthusiasm of our community, the Giant Pep Band is frequently asked to perform at assemblies, special HP events, home basketball games, and events in the community. We are very proud of the Giant Pep Band’s place in our community, and its long standing tradition of excellence in music and spirit.


Attendance: Although attendance at all games is not mandatory, we need a great sounding band with complete instrumentation at every game! Our success is dependent upon your participation, and we hope that you will take pride in serving our school community! 

Freshmen - required to do at least TWO games

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors - required to do at least ONE game


Performance Attire: The blue band shirt! 


Students: Click here to download your Pep Band music!


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